<< Koneet ovat edelleen vaiheessa joten päätin tallettaa palan tekstiä
tavallisesta poikkeavaan paikkaan. >>

I must have been in a longer dream involving jeans,
some warehouse-like space, teachers and programming
involving Gaussian distributions. At some point, I
happened to reach lucidity.

After a scene shift, I was nowhere in particular, I guess,
lying down on my back. I looked to my left and saw a jet of
fire towards me. I knew it wasn't real. I watched it and
approved, wondering what I could do.

I held out my hand towards the center of the flame
and felt the heat in it. On a whim, I decided to create an
ice cube. (An echo from watching Black Dahlia the previous
night?) I held it in my fingers in the burning flame and
kept and felt it cold. I turned it from wet to a freezing
cold so my fingers stuck to it.

I decided to go overboard and shifted the scene to me
floating over a lake of fire. I created a slab of ice
and laid on that, enjoying the seemingly unlimited
obeyance of the scene to my will.

I had an idea. The scene shifted to a room in my
old home. I sat on a bed and looked at a smooth beige or
peach coloured wall where there wasn't one in real life.
I called her name.
- "L__."
In response, the wall started bleeding in spots and I gave
in and it stopped. It would be some nightmare anyway.

I decided I didn't really care.
The walls bled more and a strange sort of translucent liquid
flowed down towards the center and me. It circled to my left
beside the bed and took shape and substance. The sight had
been somewhat unsettling but I knew it would work. I was
nearly afraid to see.

She was standing there in a short light coloured vaguely
defined dress. I felt tears in my eyes and the kind of
crushing feeling in my chest and throat. She smiled and
sat down beside me.

-"I love you. I love the memory, and that is you."
I told the image I had called into being. She smiled
just as I remember her smiling, and put her arms around my
waist and we curled close together. I closed my eyes.

I woke up, ran outside to record the dream using the laptop
I left in the car. My computers are still not in a state
where I could do this the usual way but I had to write this
down. There were several cars on the yard and I couldn't
find my father's.

After a while of running and searching, I noticed something
off and decided I was in a dream. I ran around agian
hastily, doing some tests. I noticed more things off.
I stopped running, still feeling worried about forgetting
and wondered what I could do to keep the memory.

I decided I don't really have to fight this and called L__
again. I felt like an odd breeze of wind passed and looked
as a shadow passed behind me walking closer to come and
stand beside me. I smiled.

I woke up in my own bed and ran to the living room to write this.
My legs hurt. I still can't move this to my regular system.
I'll save a copy somewhere.

In hindsight, first feelings: I did wake up earlier and read
a bit and went back to sleep. The dream was in this few hour
morning nap. I had called in familiar people before and got
close to something I expected. Perhaps the wrong age or such
but the right person would walk in through a door and walk
past me or something similar. This was unbelievable
likeness though. Very alive. Of course basically I wouldn't
expect something created by my head to differ from my living
memories. But I often expect to fight dreams and see things
twisted into something strange. This was strange. Amazing
level of control, too.